Our Staff

At Caring Hands Veterinary Hospital, we know all our clients demand high quality care as well as great service.  To meet this expectation, we’ve assembled an expert team of veterinary professionals—doctors, veterinary technicians (many “certified” or CVTs), tech assistants, front desk personnel, kennel staff, and a full-time business manager.  Below is just a sampling of our folks:




Trish is a native of Missouri but considers North Carolina her “home.”  She’s been a veterinary technician at Caring Hands for 19 years and loves summer backpacking and winter snowshoeing with Neal, her husband.  Together they have 2 dogs, a Yorkie named Poo and Gunny, a Hound cross.  There is also an Amazon Parrot named Joey somewhere in the mix.


Colleen is another member of our stellar team of veterinary technicians.  She’s a Montana native and has been with Caring Hands for two years.  Colleen lets her hair down (she wears it short, so it’s down all the time!) by quilting, sewing, and doing embroidery.  At home, she shares living space with 1 Lab cross, 1 Red Heeler cross, and 1 Yorkie.


Holly has been with us for 5 years.  She is a “Certified Veterinary Technician” who spends most of her time managing our inventory—i.e., ordering supplies, meds, feeds, etc.  Holly is a homegrown girl from Billings who loves to ski, mountain bike, hike and fish.  And, she has a “very cute” (her description) Yellow lab named Sherman.


Maddy is a native of Montana who’s been with Caring Hands since 2012.  A graduate of West, Maddy often doubles as sometimes receptionist, sometimes veterinary technician.  A student of Penn Foster University, she is also currently completing her certification as a CVT.  Maddy loves fishing, hiking, hunting, horseback and dirt-bike riding.  In other words, generally spending as much time outside as possible—especially with her animals.  Her own fur family includes 2 Dwarf goats, 7 horses, 1 mule, 4 dogs, and 3 cats (with more on the way!).


Jamie is a veterinary technician who’s been with the hospital for the past 6 years.  She’s a Montana native and a product of Montana State University, Bozeman.  A ball of energy when she’s working, Jamie likes winding down by traveling, or sinking into a nice hot bubble bath and relaxing with a glass of wine.  At home she enjoys the company of a Kelpie and 2 Domestic Longhair cats.


Marcie is a vet tech who’s been with the practice for 3 years.  She grew up in Ogden, UT, but moved to Montana in 2011.  She attended Broadview University in Salt Lake City, taking an Associates degree in Applied Science, Veterinary Technician.  Marcie loves working out and hits the gym at least five days a week.  She has a 7 year-old Boxer (named Elvis), 2 cats, and an Amazon named Bernice.


Ashli is a technician assistant who has been with Caring Hands since 2015.  Even while attending Billings Senior High!  But one of the coolest things about Ashli (and there’s a host of cool things) is that she flies.  Not draws them—but actually sits behind the wheel of a flying machine and leaves the ground!  Gliders and helicopters are her favorite, and are far safer that even motorized ultra-lights.  Ashli’s fur and non-fur family includes 6 dogs, 2 cats, 80 cows, 1 horse, 1 mini-horse, and 1 snail.


Darlene has been receptionist at Caring Hands before it was Caring Hands!  “I came with the building,” she says—which is why so many of our clients know her and ask for her by name when they call or walk through the door.  She grew up in Park City and attended Billings Business College.  Darlene describes herself as “a collector” who stashes jelly jars and cookie jars, along with crystal salt-n-pepper shakers.  She also loves the Griz!  Darlene has 1 Shih tzu, plus 7 granddogs and 2 great granddogs.


Stephanie has helped staff the front desk for nearly three years.  She grew up in California—but has also lived in Nevada, Ohio, and Oklahoma before moving to Big Sky Country in 2012.  Steph describes herself as preferring a good novel, a good movie, or crocheting to hang-gliding, alligator wrestling, or underwater calligraphy.  She has 7 Pomeranians (from 4 mths to 13 yrs) and 2 Dachshunds (8 mths and 2 yrs).


Sabrina has been with Caring Hands for 3-1/2 years, first as a kennel attendant and now as a vet tech assistant.  She is a native Montanan born in Billings and currently attends Rocky Mountain College.  Sabrina enjoys reading, writing, and hanging out with her family.  She is a rarity here, in that she has only one pet—an orange kitty named Bevo (after the Texas Longhorns mascot).  “Hook ‘em paws!?”


Kindra is another Billings native and has been with the hospital for two years, working first as a kennel attendant but now as a tech assistant, as well.  When she’s not working (which is much of the time), she enjoys school golf and swimming and likes to travel.


Kayla is also a kennel attendant.  Kayla attends Billings West High School and has been with Caring Hands for approximately 8 months.  She has 2 dogs and 3 cats.  And one of her favorite things to do is taking her dogs to go get ice cream!  Which, no doubt, embarrasses the cats, cool as they are!


Lara is a kennel attendant who joined our staff in November 2017.  Lara was born in Bad Kreuznach, Germany, but moved to Billings in 2001.  She enjoys reading, writing, hiking, nature photography and movies with friends.  Her animal family includes 1 puppy, 2 axolotls, 2 corn snakes, 33 leopard geckos, 13 African fat-tailed geckos, 8 crested geckos, 1 gargoyle gecko, 7 Paroedura picta, 1 Paroedura stumpffi, and 3 Mourning geckos.


The newest addition to our tech staff is another Montana girl, born and bred.  Emma hails from Absarokee and moved to Billings following high school to first land a job as a veterinary technician at a sister clinic.  In February of this year she joined our staff.  She, too, is talented, works hard, loves animals, and shares living space at home with a kitty named Thor and a Blue Heeler named Shelbie.


Jim is our business manager and the only guy in a sea of strong, extremely talented females.  He’s also married to Dr. Amber Herron and is wise enough to keep his head low and stay out of the way while the real professionals work.  Jim is an avid gardener, an avid reader, and an avid anything when he gets time away from the hospital.  His biggest source of joy in life, however, is time with his and Dr. Herron’s two boys—Kiegan and Quinn.